Montag, 5. September 2011

Mal wieder ein Lebenszeichen

Im Moment ist hier modelltechnisch nicht so viel los- ein paar Pferde die zu glänzig waren sprüh ich nach und nach mit meinem neuen Lack matt.
Eins davon war Hyacinth, die in matt nun viel besser aussieht:

Hier schaut sie so niedlich:

Und sie hat Abendlied adoptiert:

English Summary:
Just a life sign, not much happening here currently.
I could undo the bad cases of semi-gloss which I had unwittingly produced recently by using a new laquer. One of those updated horses is Hyacinth, one of my favourite photo-horses currently- she also has adopted the filly Abendlied.


The Watcher hat gesagt…

I love Hyacinth's wavy tail. :)
And Abendlied is adorable! *__*

Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

So much love for Hyacinth! She looks so wonderfully NORMAL, if that doesn't sound demeaning! You see so many flashy high stepping prancy things around that it's always nice to see one that looks like a proper horse! lol
I love her headcollar too! How did you do the patterned bits? Is it just printed paper?

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Thanks you two! :D

Oh no offense taken at all! I wanted to make such a normal horse, one that you would find on the pasture of the farm just out of town. I agree that there are already so many "dramatic" or showy horses around.

The halter was made pretty like this:
I found free clipart on the web, shrunk the images to a fitting size in a graphic program and then printed on transfer paper for making t-shirts with your own print on them. That one was then ironed onto thin white fabric, cut out in appropriate stripes and glued to the halter (s).

(Since the transfer foil is comparatively expensive, it is clever to prepare several motifs. Remaining space you can fill with prints that can be ironed onto the clothes of the model riders)

When you print on fabric like this, the halter is less stiff as if you use a paper print.

And in case that the model and halter land in the dirt (windy photosession outdoors *g*) then the halter can be washed under running water with no complications - just like the horse. (I need such stuff to be practical! *g*)