Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Wilde Mischung

Vor einer Weile konnten wir aus einer privaten Kutschensammlung dieses Schmuckstück übernehmen und haben darum ja auch angefangen mit Herbstnebel zu trainieren:

Die Hofbewohner waren begeistert - allerdings hatte das gute Stück einen entscheidenen Nachteil- der Durchblick fehlte irgendwie.

Nach einem kurzen Werkzeug-Einsatz war das Problem aus der Welt geschafft, Daumen hoch:

Dann musste das schicke Gefährt aus Zeitmangel erstmal wieder warten, doch neuerdings hört man es Abends in der Remise werkeln:
Die Beiden können aber noch nicht sagen, wann sie damit fertig werden, sie wollen es ja ordentlich machen.

Außerdem mal wieder in Arbeit, nach einer langen kreativen Pause *räusper*:
(Ekemen CM)

Und heute haben wir erfreut festgestellt, das Grand Cru von Percy tragend ist, hier ist das "Ultraschallbild"

Briar Rose hat noch eine Beinkorrektur bekommen (Oberarm länger, Unterarm kürzer):


Friese im Grünen:

Englisch Summary
A wild mix for a post, but you get lots of pics to look at. *g*
The carriage:
A while ago, I purchased it from a collection and my little riders were very happy- but they rightfully claimed that it would be great if they actually saw where they were driving.
So the hood was folded in (needed to cut and bend on the metal holding it up, so this is not a moving solution, but it is fixed in the new position)
Then a lack of time made me set the carriage aside - but recently, you can hear some noise in the evening - and when you check it out, you can see Otto and Carl work on their project.

The galopping white horse:
After a long time of ignoring him (and the remaining prepwork) I am now back to working on this horse. He's an Ekemen whom I customized to Thoroughbred stallion.

The gray something, vaguely horseshaped:
Grand Cru is in foal to Percy- this is her ultrasound image of the beginnings of a foal that will look a lot more lifelike in the end hopefully. *g*

Briar Rose:
This feisty little lady got a correction on her frontleg- the upper arm was lengthened and the lower arm was shortened, so the leg looks better now. The elbow needs a bit of work still...

Pasture piccie:
Our Friesian stallion (has no name yet)- as he was disturbed in tending to the lawn. *g*


The Watcher hat gesagt…

Wow, that carriage is so beautiful! :D
And the galloping horse looks amazing. ^^ Much better than the original, IMO. But, anyway, I like TBs way more than Tekes, so I'm a little biased. XD
Oh, and you got a collecta! Lucky. :D

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Yes, isn't it? And so hard to get, they were occasionally sold through Ebay, I think.

Oh, no worries, I prefer TBs, too, though some Tekkes look really nice, too. This guy just had the perfect pose for remaking a dream horse of mine, so I pounced the opportunity when he was available for an affordable price from a private seller.

The Friesian is gorgeous, I got the little warmblood, too, but he refuses to get a decent picture taken of him. XD But I will keep trying.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Wonderful! The Ekemen is gorgeous. And great job on the Friesian's picture!

Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Ooooh! That Ekemen's going to look brilliant! What colour will you be going for?

Awesome carrige too - I've got a Gypsy cart I bought off ebay ages ago that needs a bit of work too. It's trad scale and I don't do anything with my lot anymore so I might sell it...

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Thanks @all.

The colour I plan is a fleabitten grey. A bit like Desert Orchid, but not a complete portray colour. This image inspired the idea, I love it to pieces:

I will ogle your horse show pictures of the fleabitten horse closely to get those "spots" done right.

A Gypsy cart sounds awesome, too. If they wouldn't take even more space as the horses, I would collect carriages, too, I think. *g*

Christine hat gesagt…

I have to laugh at the men working on the carriage! Very very cute. Your horses are really cool too. I love watching you make them.

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Wanna know how to motivate those little persons? I have *one* minature beer. The one who impresses me most gets it after work. *big grin*

Thank you!