Montag, 26. Dezember 2011

Eine Weihnachts-Pony-Geschichte

Zu Weihnachten findet in der Reithalle immer ein kleines Programm statt, bei dem die Leute übers Jahr kleine Schaunummern und dergleichen einstudieren und dann zeigen. Hier ein paar Highlights:
Jedes Jahr wird ein anderer Schimmel als "Weihnachtspferd" laufen gelassen.
Dieses Jahr ist das Lion, der sichtlich Spaß hat, an all der Aufmerksamkeit, die er bekommt:

Dann kam Oma Lene mit einem kleinen schwarzen Energiebündel und verkündete den staunenden Zuschauern, das der Ponyhengst Bartimaeus ihr Weihnachtsgeschenk an sich selbst ist.*g* Und außerdem sei der auch ganz lieb - immerhin hätte er in den paar Wochen auf dem Hof schon das Apportieren von Geschenken gelernt.

Doch es kam noch interessanter- auf die Frage, warum es denn nun ausgerechnet ein Hengst sein musste, hatte Oma Lene natürlich auch eine Erklärung parat- sie gedenkt nun Reitponies zu züchten, da es in ihrem Alter wirklich zunehmend umständlicher wird auf die riesigen Warmblüter zu klettern. Allerdings hätte sie schon gerne deren Schwung unterm Hintern und hat darum beschlossen, einfach die Mini-Ausgabe davon zu züchten.
Zwei passable Stuten sind ja sowieso schon auf dem Hof und "Eigengewächse" sind ja doch immer das Beste, da weiß man wenigstens wie die groß geworden sind.
Oma Lene plant mit den Stuten Peppermint Patty und Medina zu züchten:

An dieser Stelle wurde sie von Maren unterbrochen, die da nämlich grinsend mit etwas elegantem kleinen Grauen in die Halle maschierte.
Sie hatte von einem befreundeten Gestüt die Ponystute Schneeflocke geschenkt bekommen.
Aus naheliegenden Gründen könne sie die ja nicht selber reiten, aber vielleicht hat Oma Lene ja mal Lust sich ab und zu draufzusetzen?

Und ein Fohlen wäre irgendwann vielleicht auch noch eine Idee. Die Schimmelstute ist eine Tochter von Peppermint Patty und auf dem gleichen Gestüt zur Welt gekommen.
Hier nochmal Peppermint Patty, hatte ich vorhin ganz vergessen einzufügen:

Und Schneeflocke:

Für die Qualität des Schritts gibts mindestens eine 9 von mir! Soviel Raumgriff und Takt!

Und wer könnte schon diesem Gesicht widerstehen?

Darum sieht unsere Reitpony-Herde nun so aus:

Die können alle kein Wässerchen trüben. *g*

Naja- eigentlich müssen ja mal alle aufs Bild:

Das anschließende Gequietsche und Gekeile müßt ihr euch nun vorstellen. *g*
Nochmal Frohe Weihnachten!

English Summary:
A Christmas-Pony-Story
During the Days of Christmas, there is usually a little show-program in our riding arena and people train all year for little showtricks and the like which are then presented to the crowd. Here are a few highlights of this year.
Every year, another gray horse gets the honour to be decked out as "Christmas Horse" and have a free run through the arena. This year, it is Lion, who is shamelessly enjoying all the attention he gets.
Next to show up at the door was granny Lene together with a little black power-bundle who also was released to run free. The granny then used the occasion when everybody was admiring the pony stallion to explain that he was her Christmas gift to herself this year. And as you could see, he was also a very loveable character that learned easily, as he could already pick up presents after that very short time he was here. *g*
But it got even more interesting, as granny Lene went on that indeed she had to buy a stallion, because she is planning to breed riding ponies. At her age, all that mountain-scaling necessary to reach the saddle of the large warmbloods was growing more and more inconvinient, so she thought, she would rather make sure there were enough miniature "copies" of the big guys. And "homegrown" horses, as she phrases it, are always best, because you know exactly how they grow up.
She plans to base her little breeding enterprise on the pony mares Peppermint Patty and Medina.
At this point she was interrupted by Maren, who walked into the arena, grinning, leading a small, gray and elegant mare along. The gray mare was a Christmas present by friends who also have a stable of their own. Her name is Schneeflocke (Snowflake). For obvious reasons, she would not be able to ride her herself, but maybe granny Lene would feel up to ride her every now and then?
Schneeflocke is a daughter of Peppermint Patty and was born at the same stud, too. Everybody is absolutely delighted about the quality of her walk, too, she covers so much ground while walking so relaxed.
And who could ever resist a face like that?
So here is what our updated pony-mare-herd looks like now- and on the portray, they all look sooooo innocent. *g*
And just to be fair one piccie with all the ponies- the following chaos is up to you to imagine, LOL!!

Die "Ponies" sind die folgenden molds:
The "ponies" are the following molds:
Bartimaeus: Breyer Ginger (rrh by T.T.)
Schneeflocke: Breyer "Warmblood Mare" (gray Selle Francais) (ret. and haired by me)
Medina: Breyer Keen (rrh by P. u. B.H.)
Peppermint Patty: Breyer POA (ret. by D.S. and haired by me)


Christine hat gesagt…

Bravo! :). Schneeflocke makes for an adorable pony! And of course I love any sort of POA mold being used :).

Did you make the the halter with the little horses on it? I love it!!

The Watcher hat gesagt…

Ooh, Schneeflocke is adorable! I love her mold, too. :D
You're tempting me to "attack" my own horses and give them mohair manes. XD They look so much better that way. But I'm afraid I won't be able to do that without damaging the paint too much, so I better let them be. :P

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

@Christine: Thank you! :)
I have two POAs and love them much- the other one has a leopard appy-pattern all over.

Yes, I did make this halter a few years ago. The little horses were scaled down on the computer and then printed on a special "paper" that is used to print out your own designs for t-shirts.
Next you cut out the print and iron it onto a piece of white fabric. That one you cut out again and then glue it to your tack. Those fabric stripes are better than real paper printouts in my opinion, as the fabric ages the same way as the rest of the halter does and it is also waterproof.

@The Watcher: Whoa, I bet your horses duck in their shelves now, LOL!! "Attack" them, tss...
Shall I post a "how to" in the near future?

(Need to get my paws on a victim first, but I have planned foals, so...)

The Watcher hat gesagt…

Oh, if you would, that would be lovely. ^^ No hurries though, I'll be too busy to attack them for a while now. XD

The Watcher hat gesagt…

And I just came back from a pet-shop trip, and I can't find that arena-ground thing anywhere. :< I went to two pet-shops... It probably isn't for sale over here yet.

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Heheh, I even found a victim in my shelves already, I might do that on New Year's Eve, I am at home that night. *g*

As for the rodent floor- I found what it is called in Spanish. I know that Spanish is not Portuguese, but maybe it helps a bit?
Here at Zooplus in Spain are those mats and they call them "Alfombra para roedores Tima":

And the name of the company that produced mine is "Hugro".

The Watcher hat gesagt…

Thanks for the help. :) But I can't find anything, meh. Most likely it isn't for sale here. I could get it from Spain but it is too expensive.... I'm going to ask a friend who runs a petshop if she has any, but if she doesn't, I'll try something else. ^^

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Good luck!
Another idea:
If you use a (large) pictureframe (or a simple framed pinboard, those are often cheaper than pictureframes) that you place on the floor where you want to take your pictures, you could use crumblier materials for photosessions, because the little band running all around does keep the loose materials inside.

The Watcher hat gesagt…

I'm thinking of setting an arena (or part of it, anyway) on one of my shelves, so if I put something on the edge, like a piece of cardboard, I might be able to use sand without it getting everywhere. :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Doll. Darf ich sagen, dass mich Peppermint patty irgendwie an Percy im Anfangsstadium erinnert?