Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011


...ich muss Platz auf dem obersten Regal schaffen! Sieht aus als müßte ich 2012 mal wieder ein OF kaufen, was nicht verändert wird.
Ein neues Pferd auf dem MoW-Mold. ♥! So soll er aussehen:
"War Horse" Joey auf dem Man O'War mold
Hoffentlich wird der nicht super limitiert oder so...

English Summary:
Hooray, I think I need to buy an OF horse for keeps next hear! There's a new horse announced on the MoW- the only OF that I have sorts of a Conga of. (Yeah, I know, he has a face that only his mother would love, but *I* find him kinda cute. *g*)
"War Horse" Joey on the Man O'War mold ♥!
Hopefully this won't be a super-special-limited run. Me wants!


The Watcher hat gesagt…

I'm a fan of a MoW mold too. :D I don't have any, though. I'm really sticking to classics, trads are way too expensive. But I can't stop admiring them, and I'm happy the mold has been brought back. :)

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Yay, finally somebody understands me, LOL!!
I have several of them, there is just something I love about them.

The Classic MoW is very beautiful- maybe you can get your hands on that one easier? (Though they are a bit hard to find these days)

The Watcher hat gesagt…

I must try to find a cheaper one, but I will probably only do it next Christmas. XD I have seen classic ones for sale quite cheaply - And also Terrang and Swaps ♥ - but whenever that happens I don't have enough money. :(

Christine hat gesagt…

I agree, and isn't he a nice color? I am going to have to get one too. I adore my original MoW in his semi-glossy chestnut coat. He was one of my favorites as a kid. I don't know where he is at the moment but I do still have him. He is just packed away. I haven't been too keen on any of the others but this bay is sweet!

Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

I really like him too, but I'm not a fan of the headcollar. :/ Have you seen the 'alternate version' on the Foundation Stallion mould they're giving away at Christmas? I REALLY liked him and wanted to enter to see if I could win him but they've only made it open to those in the states! :(

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

@The Watcher: Aw, you know, one day the time is just right and there is money in your wallet, I just know it. *g* When being a student I had to wait for such occasions like forever it felt. Now with a job, it is a little easier.

@Christine (No Line Farm): My MoWs are hypnotizing me...they want a new comrade. *gg*
I have the original one in matte, General Lee's Traveller, My Prince, War Admiral and Spectacular Bid. The Gold Charm and the Glossies aren't so my taste and I think Gatsby's colour is a very odd one, so that I have no complete conga. But this one definitely is a must have.

@Christine: I don't like the headcollar very much either, but if you pull a halter on top of that, it looks not as annoying as before.*g*
Nope, haven't see the Foundation Stallion, will look for pictures. (Too bad you couldn't enter that lottery)