Sonntag, 5. August 2012


Zwei (von vielen) die in Arbeit sind:

Der Drache ist ein bißchen schlecht gelaunt, denn das grün ist leer und bis der Laden das wieder neu geliefert bekommt muss er nun halbnackt dasitzen. *g*

Jumanahs erste Seite ist fast fertig- hier trocknet gerade eine Schicht Sprühlack, muss man ja ausnutzen, gerade kein Regenschauer und keine rumfliegenden Pollen und andere Fussel.
ju in progress
ju in progress indoors
Die Farbe ist auf dem oberen Bild besser getroffen.

English Summary

Two of the many that are in some kind of in progress state.
The dragon is a little bit annoyed, because I ran out of green, the shop, too, and now he has to wait until they restock. It is very indignifying to sit around half-naked, he thinks.

Jumanah's first side is almost finished. Here she is enjoying the open air on the balcony as a layer of spray-laquer is drying up. Really got to use that chance that there is no downpour and no pollen stuff floating in the air.
(The colour of the mare is not as blue as on the second image)


Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

lol, he doesn't look particularly pleased with the situation does he? XD

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

In person he looked so miffed that I was afraid he'd bite when I removed him temporarily from the center of my worktable. XD