Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Frühstück mit Hindernissen

Carl wollte heute Morgen nach der Stallarbeit so richtig herzhaft frühstücken- aber dann haben die Hunde ihm jeden Bissen in den Hals geschielt. *g*

 photo brotzeit03_zps3a435665.jpg

 photo brotzeit02_zps14e0b7bd.jpg

Das tolle Frühstück (Brot und Käse) kommt von Fernando, mit der ich einen kleinen Überraschungstausch gemacht habe. :) )

English Summary:
This breakfast wasn't as peaceful as planned, Carl had intended to have some hearty breakfast after the stablework of the morning, but then the dogs kept him under verrrry close surveillance.
The lovely breakfast (bread and cheese) is made by Fernando, with whom I had a little trade of surprises.


Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Dammit, I now have cravings for crusty bread and cheese! XD

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Me, too, the bread looks incredibly real.

Christine hat gesagt…

Veeery close eye huh? Good thing those lovely dogs are well trained because they know they can just barrel him over and help themselves!

Ummm, cheese...

I see the model horses all fell over. Did everyone cringe and gasp?? Or are they taking a nap? :P

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Lol, just so. Maybe they know that they are not going to get any treat for a long while when they do that.

Yes, cheese!

Ummm...*thinks hard for an excuse* Ah- well, the dogs got all excited and hopped around and so the floorboards swung and the horses tilted over-...no? *g*
Ok, I will righten them quicklike.

And indeed, it is a reflex, even if those little guys take a tumble, one does gasp.