Dienstag, 2. September 2014

Stoned *g*

Nach dem Dachdecken habe ich jetzt auch Fliesenlegen gelernt. *g* Die Fugen kommen noch, das sind erstmal nur die Steine und der Glanz kommt vom noch feuchten Lack.

After roofing, I now also mastered the art of laying floor tiles, LOL!! The gaps have not yet been filled in and the gloss is caused by the still wet laquer.
  photo cobblestones_zpsc51e0561.jpg

 photo cobblestones01_kl_zps62d4d7a8.jpg

 photo cobblestones03_kl_zpsfd582356.jpg

 photo cobblestones04_kl_zpse607b4eb.jpg

 photo cobblestonesdetail_zpsf31d376a.jpg

Ich bin Lichtjahre von Christines Können entfernt, aber mich inspirieren die tollen Projekte von Last Alliance Studios jedesmal wieder. :)

I am lightyears apart from Christine's talent at making dioramas, but I always feel so inspired by her work, that I always try my humble best when trying something out. Her work you find here: Last Alliance Studios


Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Ooooh, that looks great! :D
One thing that always looks good with stones is to use a toothbrush to flick a fine mist of speckles onto the rocks - obviously you can tone it down with other layers, but it gives a really nice texture to them I've found. :D

(Oh and cheers for the link! :D)

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Thank you! :)
And thanks for the hint- I want to try this on the roof-tiles, too, they look too new in their current state.

My pleasure! :)