Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

Sea Star

Darf ich vorstellen? Sea Star, eine junge Vollblutstute (Grey Lord x Durran's Image)- sie ist ein echtes Energiebündel:
Sea Star leaps

Sea Star leaps
(Aufhängung wegretouchiert, sie war zu schwer für Nylonfäden)

So, nach der Lockerungsgymnastik oben noch ein bisschen Massage:
Sea Star rolls

Sea Star rolls

English Summary:
May I introduce? Sea Star, TB mare (Grey Lord x Durran's Image)and very lively. *g* After some "sproinging" and bouncing through the riding arena, she really needed to complete her beauty programm by rolling around in the sand, enjoying herself muchly.
How did I do these jumps? Well, I would have loved to hang her on near invisible nylon-threads, but she proved to be too heavy. So I took something sturdier and had to digitally retouch the solution...*grumbles*
All pics are taken with a flash and artificial light.

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