Sonntag, 13. März 2011


Nachdem ich viel zu tun hatte, dann krank war und wieder einiges um die Ohren hatte, haben sich hier so einige Bilder angesammelt, die nun nach und nach in den nächsten Einträgen auftauchen werden.

Fangen wir mal an- von Diana habe ich diese Zwei zum Geburtstag bekommen.
Eselchen "Grisu":

Und Friesenhengst Prins:


Er hat sich auch gleich mit Shorty angefreundet.

Demnächst geht es dann weiter mit
percy wip

hyacinth wip

Und Fleur- die eine Überraschung für mich hatte. *g*

English summary:
Back after long absence! I had much to do at first, then got sick, but now I am back to posting and soon commenting, too.
But boy I have lots of piccies and posts to write, kinda a backlog. They will come up the next days.
I start here with two cute birthday pressies that I got from Diana, the little donkey "Grisu" and the Schleich Friesian "Prins". Prins immediately made friends with his new companion "Shorty".
New posts and piccies are coming about Percy, Hyacinth and... Fleur, who had a surprise in store for me, LOL!!


Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Oh that Shire is GORGEOUS! I really love the blending in the mane.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love the eye candy! What mold is "Short"? Way cute!

Anonym hat gesagt…

oops, that should be "Shorty"

Christine hat gesagt…

Happy Birthday! So glad to see you back. I missed your fun posts. I have that Friesian too but both mine are primed and ready for paint. To what? I don't know...ugh. LOL. Look forward to reading more.

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Hi all, thanks for your comments, I missed those in my little absence.

@Leah: Shorty is a mildly cmed and haired Schleich horse, the Knapstrupper mare, to be precise.
This mold :

@Christine: Thank you! :o)
I am very sure you'll have some nice ideas for your Friesians. I got myself a second one for slight remaking and paintings too, yesterday, somehow the mold is addictive to me, it seems. *g*

Anonym hat gesagt…

I didn't now that this Friesian looks so very nice! He is from Schleich, isn't he? Greetings,sillyVisitor

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Hi, yes, that is the Schleich Friesian.