Freitag, 1. April 2011

Hufeisen selber machen

Inspiriert von dem Hufeisen-Eintrag der Shoestring Stables zeige ich eine Möglichkeit wie man Hufeisen selbst machen kann.

Man braucht:
  • Lötzinn (dünne Stärke für kleine Eisen, dickere Stärke für größere Eisen)
  • Seitenschneider oder starke Schere
  • eine Zange mit glatten Backen (ansonsten ein Tuch dazwischen legen)
  • einen Gegenstand zum einprägen der Nagellöcher

Zunächst schneidet man ein Stück Lötzinn ab und biegt es dann in die grobe Form eines Hufeisens.
making horseshoes
making horseshoes

Dann drückt man es mit der Zange platt, bis die Rundung des Lötzinns verschwunden ist:
making horseshoes
making horseshoes

Am Huf maßnehmen und ggf. die langen Enden kürzen:
making horseshoes
making horseshoes

Nagellöcher einprägen - fertig!
making horseshoes
making horseshoes

Auf den Huf geklebt sind die Eisen trotz des weichen Materials formstabil.

English Version:
The last post by Leah of Shoestring Stables about shoeing your model horses inspired me to write a quick guide about how you can make horse shoes yourself.

Materials needed:
  • brazing solder (picking the diameter of the solder accordingly to horse-size, bigger diameter for bigger hooves)
  • side cutters or a strong pair of scissors
  • tongs that have no "pattern" on their surface. (If they have, you can lay a thick piece of fabric or leather between the metal and your horse shoe to be. Otherwise you'd get imprints of all kinds.)
  • Something to punch in the nail holes (old mechanical pencil, pricker or such things)
You cut off a piece, form the rough shape of the horse shoe, making horseshoes making horseshoes
then squeeze it flat with hobby purpose tongs (fairly easy since the solder is comparatively “soft”).
making horseshoes making horseshoes
Now you gently bend it until it fits the hoof perfectly, then cut off possible long ends. making horseshoes making horseshoes
Last you add the nail holes with a sturdy pin or something like it (embossing tool might also work), which is also not that difficult due to the “softness” of the metal. making horseshoes making horseshoes
Once glued to the hoof, they are stable and not bending out of shape on their own.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Gorgeous! I can't wait to try this.

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Cool, I am curious to hear how it works in such a small size- I didn't try smaller than Classic size so far. :D

Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

I've always fancied adding shoes to some of my other models but always kept losing the ready made ones so this might be one way to do it - I'll just need to go and bug my dad to find out if he's got any solder in the garage. XD

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Good luck, but Dads usually do have some - my first attempts of making such shoes were also done with dad-borrowed solder. *g*

The Watcher hat gesagt…

Wow, thanks a lot for this! :D I've always wondered how could I do horseshoes. ^.^
I don't think I have solder though... :(

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

It would work with other metals, too, I think- the big advantage of solder is that it is so soft and can easily be formed and flattened.

The Watcher hat gesagt…

I've just found a crafting wire and tried to make an horseshoe, it looks alright but I'll have to find something to punch the holes with. :D

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Whee, go you! You'll find something, I am sure. :D