Montag, 14. April 2014

Halbverhungerte Puppen *g*

Als ich die neuen Sachen für Susanna bekam und anprobierte und ein paar Bilder machte, fiel mir etwas auf- was sind das denn für Streichholz-Beinchen?! Anscheinend die übliche Krankheit der Ankleidepuppen, latente Magersucht...
 photo fellsattel01_zps78c777b2.jpg

 photo sticklegs01_zps8daca93d.jpg
Gesund sah das nicht aus.... Und deshalb gab es nun eine Normal-Figur, nicht zu dünn und nicht zu dick.

Hier seht Ihr, wie das geht, wenn man nichts anmodellieren will:
 photo muscles01_zps438128c8.jpg

Fertig, normale sportliche Figur mit Muskeln und Pölsterchen an den richtigen Stellen.
 photo muscles02_zps8c2325ba.jpg

English Summary:
Half starved dolls
When getting the new clothes and trying them on with Susanna, I took pics during the process and then I noticed something that I am really allergic to- like most dress up dolls, the Ivonne doll also seems to suffer a tendency to anorexia- just look at those stick-thin legs. Those tightfitting trousers really make it obvious.

Healthy looks differently to me and so I set to fatten her up a bit. The pic above shows how this is done without sculpting her legs anew. Just add some flexible tape and fix it well. Then redress and lo- instant normal shaped person!
This is now a woman with curves and muscles in just the right places and *now* she looks fit and healthy to me.


Capricorn hat gesagt…

I didn't realise how skinny she is until I saw her in the saddle. Now she is looking so much better :)

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Thank you! :)
That was the moment when it got really obvious to me, too.

Dressagekid hat gesagt…

Hmm, you are right about that skinny doll syndrome. Are any of your horses for sale. I really love that strapless in the first picture.

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Right now none of the horses are for sale, but thanks for commenting. :)

Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Huge difference! I don't have a Yvonne yet (as I don't really do anything with my Trads to justify buying one at the moment) but I do have a couple of Breyer dolls who I've been meaning to do a bit of work on. They all have really odd shaped heads and tiny hands, and don't get me started on how disproportionate the legs are! XD

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Oh you can get started all you like, I am totally with you!
That is why I like this Ivonne better, because the proportions are better- she *does* have her downsides, though- a lot of bodyparts are connected by a sort of plug and socket method and if you reposition them often, this can get loose in awkward moments. I am currently looking for means to fix that without immobilizing her.