Samstag, 26. Juli 2014


Das Dach ist dran und fest (wenn auch noch nicht fertig) - das bedeutet Richtfest:
 photo richtfest02_zpsc284dee4.jpg

 photo richtkranz01_zpsaff7605b.jpg

English Summary:
When a newly built house in Germany has its roof-construction (just the carrying structures usually, not yet covered up), then there is the old tradition of Richtfest. The roof is crowned with a "Richtkranz" or "Richtkrone" (a bit more elaborate) and blessed by the leading carpenter (who has built the roof structure with his crew) The blessing is to invite good luck in and keep bad luck and dangers such as fire out.

So, my little house has no free planks but a closed roof so my Richtfest had to wait until I got this far. Next will be laying the tiles but before the rest of the front will be built in.