Samstag, 28. Februar 2015

Der Laden 1

Zum Geburtstag bekam ich von Vile eine neue Aufgabe für Oma Lene- ein Ladengeschäft. ♥
Bis es zur ersten Fotostory reicht, bekommt ihr darum schonmal eine kleine Vorschau auf zukünftige Bilderideen.

Der Laden:
 photo laden01_zpsb2487007.jpg

 photo laden02_zps6ced01d1.jpg

 photo zuvermieten_zpslhxjooff.png

 photo ladenzuvermieten02_zpssvobbzs7.jpg
(Ist der Mini-Passantenstopper nicht genial- musste ich UNBEDINGT haben...)

English Summary:
Vile gave me a new challenge for Oma Lene for my birthday- a little shop diorama! ♥
Since it will take a while of creating stuff until this is presentable for a picture story, I give you all a quick preview of where this wille be going, when it is finished. 


Blue Skies hat gesagt…

That is such a lovely little shopfront! I'm sure it'll look brilliant once it's decorated. :D

(heey, look who's back... I really need to go back to regular posts!)

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Yay, there you are! :) I hope you are fine?

Thank you, I am already loving the shop-project muchly, even if I am not completely done with the house (indoors) either.

Blue Skies hat gesagt…

Yes! Just quite busy with Uni - I've got no model horses here, either! :(

I've been following the progress in the little house, even though I haven't had the time to comment - it's looking lovely! :)

Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Ooh, this looks like it's going to be fun! What kind of shop is it going to be?

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

@Blue Skies: No worries, there are times when everything else is more important than plastic ponies!

@Last Alliance: Oma Lene has not quite decided, yet. She has a little while to think, while I give the roombox a wallpaper and lighting.