Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Dies und Das

Hier mal zwei Blödsinn-Bilder zwischendurch:
Manchmal hat man ja schon das Gefühl die Modelle würden einen beobachten - manchmal stimmt das sogar, mir wurde gestern beim Emailen auf die Finger geschaut. Als ich nach oben guckte sah ich dies:

Und dann mal ein total unschmeichelhaftes Bild von Hyacinth *lol*:
Nein, sie wird kein Falbe. Ich grundiere sie hell und dann wollte ich aber etwas an den Röhrbeinen überprüfen und konnte mir das nur in der endgültigen Farbe (Schwarz) vorstellen.

Und dann hab ich hier noch einen genialen Link. Christine von den Last Alliance Studios hat hier eine Skulptur von einem Charakter aus einer Fantasy-Geschichte, die sie schreibt, begonnen:
Wie genial ist das denn? :-)

Ich glaub ich sollte auch mal Mielahis oder einen seiner Kumpane angehen. Balrog Boogie sollte ja eigentlich eine zornige Nightmare werden- zumindest der Kopf, den ich so alleine gemacht hatte. Mir kam erst später die Idee das ein wütendes Pferd auch nicht schlecht ist. Mal gucken ob ich noch irgendwo die Bilder davon habe. Vorhaben tu ich das schon lange, aber die Flammen schrecken mich ziemlich ab, ich weiß nicht ob ich das modellieren kann.

English Summary:
Little Odds and ends
Sometimes you feel kinda watched by the many eyes of your model animals. And sometimes they really do, LOL!! The first image shows my view when I looked up from typing emails last night. They were watching everything.*g*

The second image is a totally unflattering picture of Hyacinth. No, she is not going to be a buckskin or dun, I was adding a base coat in that lighter colour, when I wanted to check something about her cannonbones. Since I couldn't get it right in light colour, I painted them the colour that they are going to have when finished - black.

And then I have a great link here.
Christine of Last Alliance Studios has started an OSC of one original character of a story she is writing and he is coming along so nicely already.
How cool is that?

Makes me remember that I have longtime planned to turn Mielahis or one of his buddies real. But so far the idea of sculpting flames makes me shy away from that...
On the other hand, Balrog Boogie was originally supposed to become a nightmare- or at least the head, only later did I add a body and turn her into a horse. I did take some piccies of the fanged first version, shall see if I can still find them.


Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Eee, thanks for the mention of my Vaskal sculpture! ^^ That really made my day. :D
Mielahis looks awesome! Could you perhaps use some kind of dyed mohair for the flames?

LOL at the pic of Balrog Boggie - she's the spitting image of my friend's mare Cruz! (at least in attitude XD)

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Oohh my delight is likewise! You so rarely see people do something in the area of sculptures with fantastic creatures.

I tried the Mohair-idea on the old Breyer-custom I made to resemble Mielahis:
It takes a lot of tricks with a lighting source to make that look cool, though... But since back then I used only one colour I could try blending some more hues of red and then style it more flamelike... Hmm..yes...definitely a possibility.*plots*

Haha, that mare is great! I watched the stopmotion vid, too. I really I like her, I like such mares with an attitude, even if they can be quite a bother to be around.

Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Oooh yes, that really does look convincing in the right light!

Heh, she's one of the grumpiest and most 'marish' mares I've ever met but she's such a brilliant horse. (even when she did keep shoving me off my stool when I was trying to plait her mane for a show XD)