Samstag, 15. Februar 2014

Das Jahr des Pferdes / The Year of the Horse

Hat mir auch Pferdegesellschaft beschert. Nach über 10 Jahren Abstinenz bereichern nun endlich wieder echte Pferde mein Leben.
Auf einem Hof hier in der Nähe wohnen zwei liebenswerte Pferdesenioren, die sich über Besuch und Beschäftigung sehr freuen und ich darf vorbeischauen so wie es mir passt - ideal für alle Beteiligten.

Das hier ist Amor (30 Jahre)

Und Goldi (25 Jahre)

Und modellpferdetechnisch bastele ich gerade an einem OSC-Hund, der aber noch etwas braucht, bis er fertig wird.

English Summary:
For me, too, it is the Year of the Horse!
After over ten years without real horses for company, I finally got horses back to my life.
At barn in the surroundings of Bergedorf live two very loveable retired old horses named Amor (30 years) and Goldi (25 years) and they are very happy for visits and some attentions.
I am allowed to pay them visits whenever I like and give them a little love and care- and some walks when they feel up to it.
It is a total win-win situation- I get to cuddle horses (and groom and stuff) and the horses love the attentions (and carrots...).

In model horse news, I am working on an OSC dog, but it needs some work, still.


Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Eeeee, gorgeous oldies! Amor is my favourite - just look at that beard! ^^
I haven't ridden in about three years now, other than one lesson and I miss it terribly. :(

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Cute, aren't they? ^^ And Amor is really fuzzy all over:
When you brush him, the area around him turns white. *g*

I totally understand how you feel. I couldn't bear it any longer as well and that is why I looked through ads in the local papers and found this barn by chance. The people and the horses are so nice (all of them) I can still not quite believe that this is real...