Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Andere Tiere

Ich wurde per Mail gefragt, ob ich die Katze mal mit einem Schleichpferd zeigen kann. Klar, hier:
Die sich streckende Katze zusammen mit "Shorty", von mir verändert aus der Knabstrupper Stute.

Und dann wie angekündigt meine Bernhardiner, in den Maßstäben 1:12 und 1:10:
St. Bernhards
1 Kunststein, neubemalt von mir
2 Kunststein
3 Kunststein retuschiert von mir
4 Papo (noch OF)
5 Schleich OF
6 Schleich OF
7 Schleich OF
8 Kunststein, neu bemalt von mir
9 Kunststein OF

English Summary:
I was asked by mail to show one of the new cats with a Schleich horse- you can see the result above. Kitty poses here with "Shorty" a remake that I did from the Knabstrupper mare.
And as threatened my little collection of St.Bernhard dogs in the scales 1:12 and 1:10. "Kunststein" means as much as "Polyresin".


Christine hat gesagt…

Ah, you are after my husband's heart with all those St. Bernards. He had two of them many years ago :). Real ones that is, LOL.

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

I had no choice but to love them- I kinda grew up with real ones, as my godmother had real ones, too, and I had the pleasure to meet them before I could even walk. In result I gave my Mum trouble when I learned to walk, as I firmly believed that all big dogs were as nice as the family St. Bernhards.*g*
The first horses that I met at an age of two were big and gentle draft horses (Schleswiger Kaltblut) and they left me with the same impression as the dogs.
Up to today, I am prone to love big fuzzy dogs or horses, so I guess what you call successful "imprinting", LOL!!