Sonntag, 30. Januar 2011

Apropos Nilpferd... hätte ich vergessen, dass man dem Stutenbauch auch ansehen muss, dass sie kürzlich gefohlt hat- also modelliere ich nun den Bauch weiter auf. Muss nochmal nach Vorlage-Bildern gucken...


Ich glaube, ich sollte sie auch mal wieder wiegen.*g*

English Summary:
Speaking of hippos- I almost forgot that she needs more belly. *g* Afterall, she is supposed to be a mare with a new foal, so one should see something of that, still... Have already started to add mass, will look for more reference pictures.

I think I should measure her weight again, too. *g*


Christine hat gesagt…

I have come to comfort her..."dear horsey, you do not look like a nilpferd! You are too elegantly tall and your creator would have to cut you off at the knees first."

Erm, you aren't going to cut her off at the knees are you?

Never mind...

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…


The Mare (no name yet): "Eeep! Don't give her ideas! But thanks for your kindness."

Nope, I wouldn't. I hate sculpting legs, so that would be the last place where I would cut anything.