Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Tag der Fohlen und der weissen Farbe

Irgendwie hat es sich so ergeben, dass die Pferde die ich im Moment am weitesten bearbeitet habe alles Fohlen sind und alle haben weiße Abzeichen. Deshalb hab ich heute Nachmittag mal hauptsächlich den weißen Farbtopf in Arbeit gehabt.

Fohlen 1 - Briar Rose, rrh in Arbeit aus dem Running Foal:
Was ich bisher daran gearbeitet habe:

foal 1 wip
Da habe ich nochmal mit Apoxie nachgearbeitet, als mir bei den ersten Schichten Unebenheiten auffielen.

Fohlen 2 - OSC von mir, noch ohne Namen
Seine Anfänge sieht man hier:

faol 2 wip
Die Mutter ist auch noch in Arbeit, aber noch nicht bemalfertig.

Fohlen 3: Fairy Frost, rrh in Arbeit aus dem neuen Plastik Gilen
Fairy Frost hat noch keine eigenen Posts, deshalb hier mal alle bisherigen Stadien aufeinmal:
Langhaar entfernt, Geschlecht geändert und Hinterbein und Kopf etwas aufmodelliert
ff wip

Braunschwarze Grundfarbe gemalt
ff wip01

Momentaner Stand - graue Haare werden eingemalt, sie ist ein Schimmelfohlen
ff wip

ff wip

ff wip

Alle drei brauchen noch mehr Bearbeitung, aber ich wollte sie gerne auch nochmal im Zwischenstadium zeigen.

English Summary:
The day of the foals and the white paint
By chance, all horses in a state where I can start with painting them are foals and all of them need white markings, so today I mainly focussed on my white pot of paint.

Foal 1 - Briar Rose, is a remake in progress that I am doing on the mold of Breyer's Running Foal. I have shown her in earlier stages before and you find the links to those pictures above the photos.
Of course I noted dents in the surface when I started to paint, I never notice them all when I am at cleaning up, hence the Apoxie dots on her.

Foal 2 - not named yet, is an OSC I made myself to match a mare that I am also sculpting, but who is not yet in a state of getting painted.
On this little guy, who will be a grey, I am just fooling around with paint, the black is not shaded and only one layer so far.

Foal 3 - Fairy Frost, is a remake from that new plastic version of Gilen, available in the Valentine and Heartbreaker set as RR.
He is now a she and is currently in the process of greying a bit. Since she has had no posts before, I am showing the early stage here along with the piccies from today.
I have removed the mane and tail, resculpted the cannonbone on the right hindleg (which was way thinner than the other one) and the head a bit and changed the foal's gender to a filly.
Next I painted her to a dark brown/blackish coat in several layers and then painted on the markings. Today I began with graying her.
I use a ratty looking paintbrush for that and pick up very few paint with it, dabbing it repeatedly on paper until it is nearly dry and then I brush over the surface of the model. Like that I leave faint and fine lines, that look like gray and white hairs mixed into the darker fur.

All three need more work obviously, but I like to show them inbetween, too.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Cool greying technique on Gilen! I like him better as a filly too. Thanks for all the pictures!

Christine hat gesagt…

Very cool, all of them. I look forward to seeing them as they progress.

BTW, love your new blog design too ;).

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

@Shoestringstables: I'll try to get detail pictures, too. It's really fun to post them, so there'll be more in the future, too.

@Christine: Thank you!
Oh I love that wooden wall background, too, I found it by accident in the settings for the layout and had to use it.