Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Modellieren macht Spaß!

Für meine Webseite habe ich mal alle meine bisherigen selbstmodellierten Tiere auf einmal fotografiert.
dogs oscs

horse oscs
(Hier klicken für ein leicht vergrößertes Bild)

Und dann habe ich noch ein neues Fohlen angefangen, damit Ballisto Gesellschaft bekommt. Es hat mir noch nicht gesagt obs eine Stute oder ein Hengst sein will, das ergibt sich.
Was es jetzt schon von allen anderen unterscheidet ist das planvolle Vorgehen beim Basteln des Unterbaus. *g*
Dieses Foto eines Jungpferdes half mir mit den Proportionen und der Lage der Gelenke:

Alufolie für den Brustkorb und das Hinterteil und dann fröhlich mit Tesakrepp wickeln:

Und dann alles mit einer dünnen Schicht Apoxie "fest zementieren":
Die nächsten Regentaqe können kommen...*g*

English Summary:
Since I was taking pictures anyway, I can show you here all my animal OSCs on two piccies. Sculpting is so much fun!
And then I just started a new specimen. *g* This foal-to-be is already wholly different from all the rest as it has the best planned wire-skeleton so far. *g* I used the picture of a young horse to get the metal "bones" right and the joints into the right places. Then I added alufoil for chest depth and croup and wrapped it heartily with masking tape. Lastly I fixed it all with the first thin layer of Apoxie and set aside for the next burst of creativity. *g*

And one more of Nikolaus, for everyone. *lol*
Nikki and the Flowers


Last Alliance Studios hat gesagt…

Ooooh, I love your sculptures! ^^ I've got one of my own to post about once I've got the photos uploaded too. :P
I love that little grey in the second photo - so sweet! ^^

The Watcher hat gesagt…

Oh, I love that grey horse! He's lovely! ^^
And a new foal, uh? Spring is awesome, isn't it? XD

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Aha, Nikolaus has found the next fans. XD I agree that he is easily the cutest horse I ever made.
He is named Nikolaus, because I saw a horse before a carriage around St.Nikolaus-Day which I took photos of and who kinda inspired this little guy.
I have added one fun-piccie of him to the post above.
He may roam everywhere here- luckily, the pansies were not to his taste. *g*

The foal is Percy's fault- now that he is getting paint, his flirt factor amongst my mares has risen remarkably. XD

The Watcher hat gesagt…

*steals Nikolaus* He likes the weather more in here. XD

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Since he is an aged horse, you might even be right with that... *covers Nikolaus' ears, so he won't get ideas now*

The Watcher hat gesagt…

Ah, the weather hasn't been very good here lately, so... :/ Today there was quite a big storm. But I bet he'd like to come here on Summer! XD

Ailanreanter hat gesagt…

Suddenly I see him lazing in the shade with big sunglasses on and a bucket full with a cool drink... (Now think of a new photo idea, heheh)